Nocciole d’Autore

Our hazelnut’s journey begins in a magical place, in the rolling hills of Alta Langa

In a hollow enclosed between two streams, which join to form one small stream flowing down the valley, immersed in the magical sounds of nature; with the background music of the rustle of the wind and the frame of the leaves illuminated by the sun’s rays: it is here that our hazelnuts grow.

At the center of the hazel grove is the Madonnina enclosed in an old pillar from the 1800s, whose loving eyes watch over the crops and tell us of the passage of time. It takes us back to when work in the fields and harvested produce were the only means of livelihood for farmers, who looked up to the sky each day and gave thanks for the harvest.

Thoughts often return to that ancient and magical world where inventiveness, magic, sweat and toil gave rise to the first crops and sweets; thinking of those moments, those people so simple and genuine, and their stories, we made our products.

The origin

Nocciole d’Autore was not born like most companies, with a project studied at a desk by people who decide to dedicate themselves to a given product.

The origin of this reality is linked to three signs, three elements of destiny that showed the way: the dream, the announcement, and the pylon, with its little Madonna of Hal.

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We like to think of our work as an alchemical process: in the same way that this esoteric science sets out to turn lead into gold, we give new value to high quality raw materials, making hazelnut products bordering on perfection.

The hazelnut route

The laboratory

The place where we make our products with care and passion

Our workshop is the place where the miracle of transformation takes place, a quiet and minimal environment built in an old house, once a hiding place for partisans.

Here our hazelnuts follow their own path, from perfect ingredient to finished product, revealing the many faces of their aromatic complexity.