It all started from a dream 15 years ago.

There are projects that originate from reasoning and calculating all the risk factors.

In other cases rationality covers a minimal role, and decisions take shape by themselves, in a succession of choices that seem to be inevitable.

My story belongs to the second type, and like the best stories it has a beginning, an unfolding full of twists and turns, and an end-which I am still in the process of writing.

A driving force that I associate with destiny began to show me the way by sending me signs, and clue after clue left me there on that path that would make all my intentions suddenly clear.

An unfolding full of twists and turns...
A driving force that showed me the way....

First sign

The Dream

Have you ever had one of those dreams that make you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve been in another dimension of your current life?

There was a wasteland, wild...

Dreams that are simple, unsuspected, but remain carved in your mind in the years to come, sometimes dormant and sleeping, but ready to come to life again, like the embers of a fire never extinguished.

One morning about 15 years ago I woke up with a series of vivid images etched in my mind. I don’t usually remember dreams, let alone in such detail, but this time, for some reason, it was different.

There was uncultivated, wild land, and on the ground two streams, which flowed near an old, ruined farmhouse.

Years later, I continued to remember even the smallest details: the colors, the smells, even the sound of the water flowing between the banks, as if inside I knew that one day I would grasp the meaning and understand the implications.

Second sign

The occasion

Because every once in a while life takes an unexpected turn by pure chance….

One evening, more out of distraction than genuine interest, I began surfing the Web looking for life-changing offers, solutions to ills, plots of land.

One particular announcement caught my attention….

“For sale plot of land in Murazzano, 14 hectares, possibility of cultivation. Land marked by two streams, with farmstead to be renovated.”

A few days later I was with the real estate agent.

I was driven by a powerful inner force, not quite sure what I was looking for or how to explain it to those who were there to sell me a concrete project.

When I arrived in Murazzano everything was clear: I was, after 15 years of waiting, in the place of my dream.

Third sign

The Virgin Mary

“Year 1904, built for Our Lady of Hal, patroness of Murazzano, by the D.Pelleri family.”

Visiting that place, identical to the one in my memory, shook me to such a degree that I wanted to return there just two days later together with my partner.

Exploring it together, we came across a votive pillar, hidden by an amphitheater of trees dissimilar to the surrounding vegetation.

From the top of the pylon, protected by glass, there was a little Madonna watching over us. On the bottom a plaque with details of the construction: “year 1904, built for Our Lady of Hal, patroness of Murazzano, by the D.Pelleri family.”

On the bottom a plaque with details of the construction...

We only needed to see it to understand its importance: that Madonna was the missing element in the energy picture of the place, and somehow it seemed to symbolize the strange intersection of coincidences that had brought me there. So we made up our minds instantly:

that land was ours but we would only buy it on the condition that it was sold to us complete with all its constituent elements, including the Madonnina.

It was here that fate gave the turning point...

We began negotiations, and it seemed at first impossible to reach an agreement.

The statue was a family keepsake and as such not included in the sale. It was here that fate gave the turning point, andwhen we had almost surrendered to the owners’ conviction, the head of the family decided to give it up.

He communicated this to us with pain, almost helplessly. He recounted that the pillar keys, which had always been kept in the same hook, had suddenly disappeared….

Hal’s lady had decided to stay

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