Piedmont hazelnut translated into multiple forms


[from Arabic AL-KIMIA]

Esoteric science whose first purpose was to transform lead-that which is negative-into gold, or positivity in man.

This transmutation symbolizes an attempt to reach perfection and overcome the last boundaries of existence.

Just as the alchemists did, our company makes hazelnut products bordering on perfection from premium ingredients, quint essences of nature.

Perfect mixes of ingredients are transformed, as if by magic, into sublime and refined tastes in which to savor an unexceptionable alchemical combination of flavors.

“The Divines”

[in alchemy the Sacred Geometry]

Just as Sacred Geometry studies the laws of the universe through Divine Proportions, we have created a perfect proportion between quality and taste, resulting in “The Divines.”

Three different creams , but linked by the same principles of balance. Three as the perfect number, three as the signs that gave birth to this project. Three as the great triads of the world, as the cosmic totality: heaven, earth, man.

“Incantesimi di Langa”

[like the “masche” witches potions]

As in an ancient formula, hazelnuts, chocolate and sugar blend in perfect proportion, creating magic. In “Spells of the Langa,” the legend of the Piedmontese masche, who with a deep knowledge of nature’s ingredients created magical potions, comes alive again.

Thus dragees and pralines seem almost born of enchantment, the mystical fruit of our “book of taste.”

“The Power of Simplicity”

When quality reigns supreme, it is in simplicity that the key to taste is found.

The naturalness and goodness of our hazelnuts finds its fullest expression in these two opposite but complementary products. In different ways, both versions emphasize the proper notes of this fruit, a small miracle of the Langa hills.