Spells of Langa Dragees fondants


The hazelnut, wrapped in the persuasive embrace of dark chocolate, welcomes the bite and guards its crunchiness.

The two ingredients, previously distinct, bind into one dark and intense flavor, perfect for an evening pampering.


Packaging: 150g bag

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Spells of Langa

As in anancient formula, hazelnuts, chocolate, sugar and salt are blended in perfect proportion, resulting in magic.

In “Spells of the Langa,” the legend of the Piedmontese masche, who with a deep knowledge of nature’s ingredients created potions capable of miracles, comes alive again.

Thus dragees and pralines seem almost born of enchantment, the mystical fruit of our “book of taste.”


  • Hazelnuts 50%
  • 50% dark chocolate



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